Saturday, January 17, 2009

Now California Earthquakes will Set Off Laptops Too

It's always a challenge to do something different and relevant to your product's messaging. Toyota found an excellent way to connect safety with your computer's screen-saver so that it is relevant to the users experience and firmly establishes the safety messaging Toyota wants to come across with their new iQ vehicle.

The screen-saver software, available for a Mac computer, allows one to lock their computer using the Apple remote control mimicking the way one locks their car with a car alarm. Move the computer and it is set off. Press a key on the keyboard and it is set off. Click the remote again and the screen-saver is disabled. Checkout the demonstration in the video above.

I think this is an ingenious way to integrate a strong safety message. It also reinforces your vehicle's consumer benefit message every time the user "locks" their computer which displays the Toyota iQ product as a screen-saver, besides it's such a cool integration that you are likely to demonstrate it to others and thus promote additional downloads and familiarity with the product. more.

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