Friday, January 30, 2009

Super Bowl Advertising: Recession Edition

Hyundai is set to launch two ads this Super Bowl Sunday: One for their all-new Genesis coupe and the second spot will feature their Hyundai Assurance ad which promises unconfident buyers the ability to lease a new Hyundai with the option of turning it in if they lose their job in 12 months.

So, what can we learn from past recession advertising? I thought I'd share some of the advertising done during previous recessions.

Ford Trucks Beating (1976): Ford advertised their latest truck in 1976 by demonstrating the beating it could take. A classic quality ad for people who wanted a product that would last.

Dodge St. Regis - Value You Can Measure (1979): Competitive comparisons galore with some plush interior, of course.

Thunderbird Spread Your Wings (1980): Optimistic, new thinking is part of this spot from Ford. It is feature rich with "Electronic magic" like road speed and warning lights, not exactly as impressive as Ford's latest electronic magic -- Sync. All of this to bring "a better idea for the 80s".

Audi Take Control (1991): Audi mimicked the do-it-yourself mentality of getting out of the recession with their 'take control' messaging.

Dodge Dropping the Cost (1991): Biggest truck sale ever with around $4,000 off several Dodge truck models.

And by far my favorite recession automotive spot, Chrysler's circus music, straw hat, wheelin' dealin' sale:

Chrysler Car Clearance Carnival (1975): Values! Values! Values! With guess what? "A lot of cars to move... It's a carnival of values." And don't forget the sweepstakes; nothing gets qualified, serious buyers in like a sweepstakes.

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Michelle said...

I am just much would a down payment be on a car that you could "turn in early?" I don't know about you, but I assume that's where they trick ya...leave it to a pessimist to question it.