Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ford's Fiesta Movement Launched Today

The Fiesta Movement launched today. Here is some coverage of the event and what it means for Ford.

From Convince and Convert social media blog: "I predict that the Fiesta Movement will be looked back upon as the event that made social media a real player in the marketing mix. When corporations began to not just realize, but act upon, the fact that companies today garner the customers they deserve, not the customers they buy via advertising."

You can now checkout some of the content being generated on the Fiesta Movement website. Checkout the "Live Feed" tab for different types of content being aggregated from YouTube, Twitter and Flickr.

When you watch a video posted by a Fiesta Agent, they will ask that you vote 5 stars and leave a comment for them on YouTube. Agents with the highest ratings, comments, and I'm guessing views will be eligible for prizes. What prizes? I don't know but it looks like Agents will compete against each other and the social media space will vote who is developing great content or, at least, making the best plea for ratings.

It's an interesting strategy since higher ratings lead to improved placement when people search in environments like YouTube, where you can sort by Rating or View Count. Theoretically this will give Fiesta Movement some priority if the Agent content is well received and engaged with on platforms like YouTube; thus leading to casual users of sites like YouTube to view content from regular people experiencing the car, which is what Agents are supposed to be.

It will be an intriguing experiment for Ford as it will showcase genuine comments about the product, provided people accept genuineness from people receiving a free car, free gas, and free insurance from Ford.

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