Friday, April 3, 2009

Hyundai Assurance Reaches Iconic Mockery

It is said, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. So what is imitation that mocks? Is that still flattery? Probably not, but sure the hell is fun. Leave it to the website Funny or Die to flatter Hyundai with a spoof of the Hyundai Assurance offer.

Note: The end is a bit crude and offensive. It's PG-13, not R. So don't be too concerned.

What do you think? Is Hyundai's program gaining iconic status now that it is appealing to others sarcastic wit? Funny thing is I found out about this spoof from my own mother. So, it is starting to make it's viral turn around the Internet.

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Unknown said...

Hyundai Does NOT Rhyme with Sunday !

Ask Jeff Bridges to Stop !

From the Associated Press 01/31/09:

“In an interview with The New York Times, Bruce Springsteen says he shouldn’t have made a deal with Wal-Mart. This month, the store started exclusively selling a Springsteen greatest-hits CD.”

“Some fans were critical because Springsteen has been a longtime supporter of worker’s rights, and Wal-Mart has faced criticism for its labor practices. Springsteen’s team didn’t vet the issue as closely as it should have, and that he “dropped the ball on it,” he told the Times………”.

Springsteen went on to say: “It was a mistake. Our batting average is usually very good, but we missed that one. Fans will call you on that stuff, as it should be.”

I feel Jeff Bridges should bow out of the Hyundai commercials now and I encourage others to ask that he does so, and that he makes a formal statement to the press like Springsteen.

Bridges is well liked and should set a better example.

It’s time America stopped being Asia’s Landfill and it’s time Americans helped out.