Monday, May 11, 2009

Mercedes E-Class Making Sheep Nervous

Okay, I've been a fairly observant automotive industry watcher and pay particular attention to how companies advertise. Until today, I've never seen two sexy nurses, a midget, midget unicorn, and a really nervous sheep get booted out of a new car to launch that car's new technology feature.

One YouTube watcher left the comment most viewers are probably thinking, "Don't understand. Strange characters get out of the car, driver drives off. WTF." WTF, is right. It's Mercedes way of communicating the new E-Class' feature Attention Assist that alerts the driver from dozing-off.

The ad will not run here in the States, it's apparently too risque for our country's Mercedes intenders; instead, it will show in Europe where admitting you dream about circus midgets is appropriate behavior.

My feeling about the ad: It is odd and took me a second to get what it was leading to. I'm not sure it is as succinct as some other creative efforts to communicate complex technology features in a fun and compelling way. My favorite example of showing advanced technology in an effective, playful spot goes to the BMW 7-Series TV spot on Night Vision.

What are your thoughts? Did you get what it was trying to communicate? Was it fun and interesting or dumb and boring or somewhere in between?


Lobo said...

I like the idea, but waaaay too long...

Cathy said...

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