Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cradle To Cradle Marketing: Recycling Fiat Work to Become "New" Chrysler Work

There's a methodology used in environmental design called "cradle to cradle" that approaches product design with the goal of little to no waste. It is a very compelling approach to waste reduction in manufacturing systems. It's a great idea; though, I never thought I'd see it applied to marketing. Yet, Chrysler seems to have implemented the approach in their last two brand ads.

The first example was the Chrysler political prison commercial that was recycled from a prior Lancia ad launched in late 2008.

Now Chrysler has done it again by reducing creative waste using the same concept done in a recent Fiat brand spot and applying it to the "Coming Home" brand ad produced for Chrysler by their new Agency of Record Fallon.

The good news is that the dull "Coming Home" ad is not a product of Fallon, but rather is a product of Fiat's marketing team leading the Pentagram's advertising decisions.

So what's next? A recycled Alfa Romeo commercial? If yes, I recommend this one:

CREDIT: Thanks to automotive journalist Brian Driggs for finding the Fiat commercial and showcasing it on the CarChat Blog.


Michael Banovsky said...

Thanks for the shout-out! But isn't the Fiat ad a re-hash of the Shell/Ferrari ad? Ahhh! Heritagegasm!


Brian Driggs said...

@Banovsky, a classic, for sure, but I still prefer the Honda version.