Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Lexus Superwoman Emerges, Sans Leather?

I received an email from Lexus promoting their all new GX SUV with a leather-clad urban shopping mall mom ready to do battle. Unfortunately, the website experience was disconnected from the campaign (learn more on this blog post.) Well fortunately Lexus has debuted a TV commercial that is connected to the GX campaign.

In the ad, a woman swerves heroically around an urban environment with her "precious cargo" in back - her two sons - "because every great action hero needs a vehicle." The ad ends with a Batman-like spotlight of the Lexus logo against a dark city skyline.

The TV commercial is at least aligned with the campaign idea, but what happened to the leather? In the commercial, we get an attractive brunette 40-year old who reminds me of Weeds star Mary-Louise Parker. Someone must have throttled the super hero image back a bit for the TV crowd. Lexus must have decided to look into the showroom and found heir customers wear a more sedate outfit.

At least the messaging is inline with the campaign concept and really the campaign is pretty decent for a shopping mall luxury SUV. What else are you going to say to make driving a big, fuel-guzzling SUV sexy and interesting? You definitely are not going to be climbing through mud or driving to the mountains. This is about making a trip to the kid's soccer game seem exciting and the soundtrack certainly helps.


Unknown said...

This superwoman is a Lacrosse-Mom. Look closely, she in not taking these kids to a soccer game. She is driving them to lacrosse match. LAX is the hottest sport and Lexus is brilliant to recognize the trend.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the clarification Bryan. I was trying to remember where the woman and boys end up after watching the ad three times while writing the article, but I never went back to confirm the sport. I'm sure the fact it is a Lacross match won't be lost on those who love the sport.

Unknown said...

Who is the actress? She looks a little like Trinity from the Matrix movie series.

Monster Trucks said...

Thanx bryan i must say you really have good knowledge of sport i was trying ti identify which sport is showed.