Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ram: I Am... Back to Normal

It was refreshing to see some new marketing from the Chrysler Group's newest brand Ram that wasn't so polarizing and confusing. The new TV ad features the Ram Ram doing truck things, like driving in mud and splashing water, but more importantly promotes the Motor Trend Truck of the Year award, a coveted industry award.

Some will dismiss this Ram spot as forgettable, typical automotive advertising. I suppose that's a valid criticism but I would argue the spot quickly conveys the strengths of the product and promotes the Motor Trend award in an effective way that works with the target truck consumer. Can it be improved? Sure, but what can't?

The good thing is that heavily criticized "I am Ram" tag line may have only entered the initial brand advertising spot and nothing else. According to an article in today's Detroit News, Chrysler's head of marketing Olivier Francois states "all ads going forward are totally product oriented." Perhaps the "I Am" ads are gone and things are back to normal?

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