Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dodge Challenger Good for Getting Away,
If Your Man is Having His Last Stand

Dodge has answered back after receiving probably what they expected, some backlash for portraying men as wusses who can't make their own decisions and treating the Dodge Challenge as a "Man's Last Stand" car. The female gender answer is a commercial that's on Dodge's YouTube channel called "We Make Getaway Cars."

The ad features a woman who resembles actress Maggie Gyllenhaal. She is having her belongings thrown from a second story window by her boyfriend/husband/brother/dad??? It's not really clear what is going on, but the flannel shirt wearing woman gets into her Challenger SRT8 and roars away with onscreen copy reading "We make getaway cars."

I love the attitude of this ad, but it's not clear what she is getting away from not that it really matters. Making a fast U-Turn looks cool and the idea of getting away is also a positive.

I do love how the Dodge brand is having fun with their identity and trying to create a certain attitude that has disappeared in an industry where everything's gone green. There is just something refreshing and different with this latest effort from Dodge's new agency Wieden+Kennedy. This shouldn't be surprising to those who know automotive marketing history. Wieden+Kennedy was the firm featured in the book Where the Suckers Moon about the marketing efforts of Subaru in the early 1990s.

I don't think we are witnessing a similar story as Where the Suckers Moon, but I do believe we are experiencing some solid marketing from a marketing firm that creates some distinction for a brand and the latest from Dodge is doing just that. Now if only Dodge had competitive products to market, it would be even more interesting.


BeCarChic said...

Not to give Dodge a hard time, but I'm not sure this viral ad wit less than 45,000 views makes up for the damage Dodge did with a n audience 100 million during the Super Bowl.

The ad is weak at best. Clever, yes. But vague like you mentioned. Who's throwing out her stuff? Is that even all of her things or is the dude just angry? And why do you have to have girl in a flannel, picking keys out of a brown leather jacket that could have been her boyfriends?

Why not feature a feminine girl wrestling (i.e. "challenging") her boyfriend for the keys to his Challenger SRT8 just so she can get behind the wheel?

I give Dodge a C for effort, but they've still got some work to do.

Unknown said...

This must be the post-game analysis of our she said/he said Super Bowl article. I like it.

I think you raise an interesting point I overlooked. Who knows if Dodge wanted to really counter the maleness of their Super Bowl spot and try to soften the impact by having this female ad as a counter to any criticism. If they did do this ad for that reason than your point is spot on about it hardly making up for the "damage" done.

Whatever the case, I still like the attitude of this video and the Super Bowl ad too. I'm curious to see how this evolves.