Thursday, April 15, 2010

The 3 Minute Spot. The Norm for Super Cars

When you're a super car, the 60-second spot just doesn't give you enough time to showcase how awesome you are. The Pagani Zonda R released a new 3 minute video to do just that, showcase everything that is amazing about their latest sports car. Fortunately, if you produce lust-worthy, high-speed, rare vehicles the thought of getting someone to sit and watch 3 minutes of online video is not that difficult.

When planning a marketing video for online consumption, the length of the video is a very hot topic. Will people really sit through this? It's a valid concern and a lot of times most video marketing efforts could learn a lot from the brevity of Ernest Hemmingway, while the creative team gets lost in the complex expression similar to that of William Faulkner. Say things with fewer words, fewer images and more people will watch, unless you are a super car.

If you are a super car all bets are off. The advice of "keep it short" is nonsense. This video from Pagani could've been 10 minutes or 15 minutes and I still would've watched the whole thing. Unfortunately, most products don't elicit such dedication, patience or passion.

P.S. - I only did this blog post so I could talk about a sweet Zonda.


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