Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Presentation at Ignite Detroit

This isn't automotive marketing news, but it's still about automotive and it is some "social outreach" I participated in last February. So pardon a bit of my own self expression here.

For those who don't know what Ignite is, it is an International organization where events are held globally with people talking about any topic they have a passion for or want to share an idea, a love, or just want to express themselves through spoken word. To participate, one has 5 minutes to talk on any topic and do so with a slide deck that auto-advances every 15 seconds. Having done this, it's an interesting technique and definitely tests one's skills.

My talk shared how doing something simple like changing your car's oil can help conquer the fear of your car. In an age of massive electronics in engines full of sensors, wires, and tight engine bays doing something as simple as an oil change is a bit disconcerting to the average person; however, I share how this is a pretty simple process and helps remove fear of one's vehicle to hopefully inspire more complex automotive endeavors and hopefully turn fear of cars into a love for cars.

You'll have to pardon a bit of my early nervousness at the beginning as I mention I'm from the West Coast a few more times than I practiced. Overall, I had a blast attending and participating in this event. If you want to learn more about Ignite and possibly attend or present at an event in your city check out Ignite's website.

If you want to see some of the other presentations from the Detroit event, checkout the YouTube page here and don't miss General Motor's Social Media Director Chris Barger who also presented that evening on "Bang Your Head: What Hair Bands Can Teach Us About Being Better Businesses."

If you want to see my slides better, they are available on for viewing or downloading, simply click here.


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