Saturday, June 12, 2010

Patriotism. Hell Yeah!

After a decent debut with their Super Bowl Man's Last Stand ad, the work from Wieden+Kennedy has been less impressive. The Charger sitting in an empty parking lot with Michael C. Hall's voice-over or the "Why" ad featuring three racing minivans driving in the desert have been confusing and looking like Wieden+Kennedy was struggling with extending the campaign concept that is until now.

The newest Dodge ad to debut on today's coverage of the USA versus UK World Cup Soccer match is irreverent, macho and patriotic. It features an Independence War reenactment with a gas peddle mashing George Washington behind the wheel of a Dodge Challenger.

It's brash, historically hilarious, and appeals to an inner defiance every man has who loves fast cars and waving flags. It's as if Wieden+Kennedy did a mashup of Dukes of Hazard and a History Channel Documentary and exclaimed "Fuck Yeah! That's a heaping pile of awesome right there! Let's do it."

As one Auto Blog commenter put it, "Loved the commercial as it gave me a good chuckle and brought back a little of that car fun."

Funny thing is the commenter is right; it works. Nice job Dodge.


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