Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mini Trains to Upset Porsche's Piece of Iron

Okay, I'm allowed to be wrong. Right? Well in the case of Mini vs Porsche I'm now a fan of what this marketing mayhem has become especially with the latest piece that pits Porsche as Ivan Drago and Mini as underdog Rocky Balboa.

The best part of this execution is how Mini launched the "Mini Rocky IV" video on the video comedy site Funny or Die. The page is surrounded with ad units promoting Mini's event to race Porsche and to add to the consumer interest Mini is looking for someone to drive a Porsche Carrera S against a Mini Cooper S.

So I'll admit it. The Mini vs Porsche campaign is getting interesting and is generating a lot of dialog amongst fans from both brands and other auto enthusiasts. It's fun and getting really absurd, in a good way.

Just like Apple, never bet against Mini.



Tony James said...

I agree that it is refreshing to see some spunk in an ad campaign. Especially one for cars.

I'm a little surprised Porsche hasn't reacted w/ just a bit more humor but can understand the strategy of just staying out of it.

I do think they could score big points by showing up at the race and dusting Mini - that to me would be a huge win for Porsche

Cathy said...


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