Friday, September 24, 2010

The Kitten Meme's Influence on Automotive Marketing

The Dodge Caravan "Kittens" commercial is strange. What else can you say about it? It's an odd jump to the concluding line of copy: "It has everything. So you can do anything."

After watching the Dodge ad I had to wonder if they were inspired by another recent, fairly viral kitten ad. A year ago Toyota Australia did a commercial with their Ninja Kittens that is far more entertaining with a better soundtrack, energy and storyline.

All of this makes me wonder if kitten memes, laser cats, and general fascination lately with being a 'cat person' is showing it's impact on automotive advertising. Should we expect more? Will it always be human- kittens or will this develop into something more emotional and gentle like Ikea's brilliant ad that recently featured cats getting comfortable in a store after closing? (ps - don't forget to checkout the Ikea behind the scenes video.)



auto care said...

I haven't seen these commercials, but have heard of them. Thanks for sharing! Honestly, I am not a fan of cats... so I am a bit undecided if they affect me positively or what.

Howie said...

What a nice montage here.

Not sure about the car commercials. Doesn't change my view of the vehicles though yes the Toyota one was better. The Dodge one is just absolutely bizarre and makes me think the new Italian lords spiked the Detroit marketing departments water with something mind altering. I mean its a freaking Mini-Van! It would of been better to have a real family of cats driving around doing real human shopping, taking kids to practice, family vacation, grabbing Cat Litter at Pet Smart etc.

Loved the Ikea commercial but this also is a bit bizarre. Ikea stands for low priced home gear and furniture that is decent. We go there for low price first and foremost and much of the furniture is toss away after use.

JJSINGH said...

that was great! i haven't seen those commercials before. thanks for sharing! check out my blog:

Mark said...

Nice to see my nightmares played out in a Toyota ad.