Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Chevy Volt Ad Premiers on World Series Tonight

"We're wanderers. Wayfarers. Even nomads. So doesn't it just make sense that we build an electric car that goes far... really far."

Chevrolet is getting ready for the Volt to hit the American road as we near the final months of 2010. This is the first consumer video promoting the production car.

Overall, I personally like it. It's not groundbreaking and maybe it should be, but I think Chevy is trying to normalize electric vehicles and make the concept more friendly, not just for Greens, but for everyone.

There are no MPG claims just some very small type about "25-50 miles of electric driving in moderate conditions." Also, the information about the car being electric isn't shared until the very end of the ad.

Chevy is also introducing a new tag line for the brand: "Chevy Runs Deep". Not sure where this is going but it's a bit confusing at the end of the Volt ad, since the ad is talking about the car running more miles than any other electric car. How that is "deep", or what "deep" even means from a brand positioning statement, is still lost on me. Will be interesting to see how Chevy, which I thought was called Chevrolet, evolves "deep" in coming marketing uses.


lucianrosca said...

"Not sure where this is going but it's a bit confusing at the end of the Volt ad, since the ad is talking about the car running more miles than any other electric car."

Yes, confusing it is, and GM continues to confuse the people. First of all the Volt is not an electric car, or at least all electric like the ones GM compares it to. Second it runs less miles, not more, than any electric car, 25-50 vs. 100+ for Leaf and Coda, and probably 100+ for Tesla and Fisker when those will be out. It runs more miles than any other electric car when uses gasoline, which contradicts the term "electric car" GM uses.
Not good, it sounds like a used car salesman who has something to hide and takes the customer for stupid.
The tag line is lost not just on you but, from what I read on various sites, on many others. The reason is that, currently, nobody knows what the Chevrolet brand stands for. How can you have a good tag line if you don't know what your brand stands for?

Johnsnider35 said...

chevy runs deep??? what and how does this all tie together? I simply am bored with this whole vehicle.

Howie at Sky Pulse Media said...

I think GM felt burned by the effort from last winter. I forgot what the number was but was the number of MPG's the Volt got, and did this huge build up into a spectacular fizzle. So taking the safe bet makes sense.

Kind of curious how the EV thing pans out. My old contacts in the Fuel Cell world say Hydrogen is still being worked on. But still no one has developed a high pressure gas regulator 7 years after development by many small and large parts suppliers. The EV might help. Maybe 150miles per fill up would be fine for Hydrogen (Automakers insist it has to be 300 because gasoline cars get 300).

Also saw they are expecting oil to hit over $100 barrel again. But hey Chevy Runs Deep...they have cars for gas and electric now. ;-)

tyre changers said...

Gas prices unnerved everyone during the middle part of this year when they reached a high of over $140 per barrel and gasoline at the pumps reached over $4.50 a gallon. This in turn made people drive a lot less than usual . Even though gas prices have come back down to reasonable costs people are very wary of gas prices for the future. Now our government has been talking about alternative energy fuels for cars for the last 50 years but until lately no one has been doing much about it.

Christopher Baccus said...

I'm kind of warming up to the "runs deep" line. It's more about Chevy's impact on our culture runs deep which comes across better in the other ads I've seen using the line. The Volt ad it doesn't work well since it has no cultural roots, it's something new and there is no attempt by Chevy to tie together Volt with EV1 or something else from its history.

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