Monday, February 7, 2011

Joining the Panel on The Bean Cast Marketing Podcast

Hopefully you enjoy listening to Podcasts as much as I do and there are some great automotive ones out there including Auto Bird and Autoline Detroit After Hours. I'm also a fan of some marketing Podcasts too and Bob Knorpp's The Bean Cast is definitely the one I listen to the most. Fortunately I had a chance to join the panel discussion for a third time last weekend.

We had a great cast including Jeff Cutler, Valeria Maltoni, and Åsk Wäppling. We covered quite a few topics including the Social Bowl, Kenneth Cole and Taco Bell PR gaffs, GroupOn promotion fatigue, Google's "Bing Sting", and WebTrends report on poor performance from Facebook's ads. There was quite a bit of discussion on the automotive ads that were to come on the Super Bowl (we taped the Saturday morning before the big game.)

You can listen to the show online:

Or better yet, subscribe to The Bean Cast on iTunes so you too can get the show every week. If you love marketing, this is a fantastic Podcast to follow:


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