Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Jennifer Lopez Is this Generation's Celine Dion

It's football season and that means my time watching  automotive ads on TV has taken a dramatic shift upwards. One of the more frequent ads that come across the screen is the Fiat 500 spot featuring Jennifer Lopez. It features her song "Papi" with a storyline of every male in the city comes chasing after Jennifer as she drives a pearl white 500 with cuts of copy on black screen with white lettering reading:

Like the car?
Go online
Like JLO?
Get in line

At this point Jennifer is lifted out of the car's roof and starts dancing with all of the men laying down in the street.  Why are they laying down? I don't know. Exhaustion after chasing a car? Possibly blown away by her hip shaking dance moves?

All of this dancing and celebrity awe reminds of a time past when Celine Dion was the female musician of choice for the Chrsyler brands. She promoted the Chrysler Lebaron and Plymouth Laser and later the Sebring, Town & Country, Crossfire and the rest of the Chrysler portfolio.

With that said, I'm looking forward to seeing more JLO. Perhaps she can takeover where Eminem left off and promote some Chrysler cars too.


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