Sunday, November 27, 2011

Badge Me! Ford Enables Online Pride

Ford recently launched a new social media badge program.  A what? Technically they are called "Online Badges" according to Ford's Facebook page.  The badges are images that Ford fans can use to identify themselves with Ford products, history, personal connection, or affinity for the brand. 

People select badges where they can download the badge image which can be used as a Facebook profile image, this is pretty normal behavior from what I've seen the past few weeks, or one can share their badge by posting to a major social network like Facebook, Twitter, and even Google+.

Scott Monty, Ford's Head of Social Media, recently shared on The Bean Cast marketing podcast that the current badge program is just the first phase of a larger effort. 

The larger effort becomes apparent after selecting a badge where users are asked to join Ford Social. Access provides the following according to the Facebook application: "you'll get exclusive insider goods: access to contests, games, vehicle reveals and way more."

So what is Ford Social?  At first it is a redesign of the former Ford Story website, but that's just part of the change.  According to a post on the site:
Ford Social isn’t just a new name and a new look. It’s an innovative program that will cross all kinds of platforms, online and offline. In short, we’re on a mission to celebrate the people who love Ford.

Back to the badges.

I just want to know where is the "I Drove One" badge? Fortunately, Ford thought of that angle too. When clicking on a badge you can select whether you currently own one or not; though, clicking no doesn't really mean you were previous owner, but rather is an opportunity for them to sell you on becoming an owner. Take for instance clicking "no" on "Own one?" on the Fusion badge. It tells you, "You want to know the cure to this so-called 'sedan envy?' It’s called DEALERSHIP."

Okay, not exactly the most compelling call to action ever, but certainly one way to say here's how to own one.


Friday, November 18, 2011

Lincoln MKS I'll Never Forget the Memories We Shared

MKS was my first product launch when I joined Team Detroit back in 2007. It's been 4 years since we all worked diligently to launch the Lincoln MKS reveal way back then. Seeing a banner ad promoting the MKS today caused me to reflect on how monumental that project was.

The MKS back then was the beginning of the new design direction and Lincoln's first step away from its Reach Higher brand campaign.

Today's Lincoln MKS reveal shows a car that's evolved, gracefully. The new design looks a bit more elegant, a bit more aggressive - particularly the hood, and loaded with more technology. It's a nice refresh.

Some changes are happening since 2007 with digital marketing. Lincoln now has a Facebook and YouTube icon on the new microsite, including a large tile on the bottom right inviting people to "Like Lincoln MKS on Facebook."

Social is definitely a part of the equation. The rest of the content is typical reveal fare: large beauty shots, information about new features, 360 views, and several video clips explaining key changes to the car.


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Chevy Is Featured in WSJ Klout Story

Chevrolet gets some attention in the Wall Street Journal's video showcasing several brands using the online influencer ranking tool Klout. Chevy did a Klout Perk earlier this year giving some people in social media a few weekend with a Volt.

Unfortunately, the video doesn't share any results of what comes from participating in a Klout Perk and if that truly leads to any goals a company has when going this route in social media. In other words, did someone tweeting about the Volt, influence purchase or increase awareness in a way that was worth giving the car to said influencer for a few days?

If you are interested in improving your own personal score, you might be interested in a blog dedicated solely to that activity and possibly you too can get a car for the weekend or some cooking tongs from Bravo simply for having a high score.