Saturday, December 31, 2011

Chevy's Virtual Arcade of Good Times

As I predicted back when Hyundai followed the latest trend in outdoor installation marketing, Chevy took their projection marketing shot with a cool claw game to Hollywood Boulevard's Roosevelt Hotel to promote the Chevy Spark.

This installation used projection imagery but with an added user participation twist.  People could interact with the projection using a large Chevy logo joystick and see if they could grab a Spark.  It is a great play on the projection concept since it combines the awe of projection marketing, which is relatively new, with the fun of playing a game right on the street for all to see.

I have to admit, I would've loved a try at Chevy's Claw Game since I never win at the arcade version and here I could play without the constant loss of quarters and for a free chance to win a car.

Gaming is a large part of the Chevy Spark's introduction. If you missed your chance to play claw, there is a site called that features all kinds of personal stunts people can submit for a chance to also win a car. 


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Juan M. Barnett said...

The Spark is a 'cute' car, almost in a feminine sort of way. If the target demographic is anything like the stereotype I would give it, 16yr old girl's car, I'm not sure how a gaming strategy will help move that needle.