Monday, December 26, 2011

Fiat Sexes Up American Automotive Marketing

For the most part American automotive advertising has lost its sex appeal, fortunately or unfortunately the Italians have arrived with Fiat and are bringing back patent-leather clad models like Natasha Poly in the new Fiat Gucci print ads and with a sexually infused TV ad featuring Romanian model Catrinel Menghia.

I personally ran across the Gucci print ad at a hair salon looking through Details magazine. It certainly is a fitting ad placement and Natasha Poly definitely catches ones' interest immediately and well isn't getting noticed a good initial reaction? Of course just getting noticed only benefits the marketing if the reaction is positive.

Depending on your point-of-view, a top model leaning seductively across a car can be good or bad. The good is obvious when tastefully done. The bad however is a bit more complex. Honestly, cars with scantily clad women conjure up Snap-On Tool calendars more than tasteful advertising. However, I think Fiat gets away with this because...well because they are Italian. You kind of expect it. I'm doubtful someone like Ford or Nissan could pull this off.

My favorite quote from the Gucci ad creators is "Poly embodies the essence of travelling in style and living life at full speed." Okay, but doesn't 'life at full speed' sound a bit like fast cars, fast women?

The other ad featuring the Abarth is quite possibly my favorite commercial of 2011. It's sexy, fun, and demonstrates the passion many of us feel when we see a car that inspires automotive lust or what an old high school friend of mine once deemed as an "auto orgasm."

Whatever you personally feel about the launch of Fiat in the US, it definitely is bringing sexy back to American automotive advertising. One wonders if others will follow or will this just be something those Italians do? Time will tell.



Juan M. Barnett said...

Do you think we'll see marketing bleed-over into the other brands under The Sweater? I mean I can think of a thousand ways to make a Jeep sexy (think mud + daisy dukes) yet we've only seen the sex appeal applied to the failing Italian brand. 

When you really think about it - there hasn't been much warm-bodied sex at all in the automotive industry. I can't recall one ad that was sexy. 

Christopher Baccus said...

Juan it will be interesting to see if there is a return to sexy automotive advertising and I agree it has been a while since we have seen this type of marketing come out of this rather conservative industry.

Shannon @ auto warranty said...

I keep seeing more Fiats on the road and in lots, so I guess it's working to an extent!