Monday, December 12, 2011

Ford Ad Enters the 2012 Presidential Primary (Sort Of)

I can't recall ever seeing an automotive ad get the political campaign treatment, but there is always a first.  Last week Ron Paul's campaign decided to use the same visual and audio style of the current Ford F-150 truck campaign.

Unfortunately, Ron Paul apparently didn't pony up the bucks or got turned down by Dennis Leary who does the voiceover for the F-150 ads.  That aside the Ron Paul ad is definitely borrowing heavily from the Ford ads.

Take a look.  Here's one of the F-150 ads:

Here's Ron Paul's ad:

And as if that wasn't enough, here is Conan O'Brien mocking the Ron Paul ad:

If only Ford would throw in a rusty pipe, I might consider a F-150...



Adam M said...

LOL that's just great stuff! 
No way would I ever vote for Ron Paul or actually watch a full episode of Conan... but this was pretty good. 

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