Monday, January 30, 2012

Ferris Bueller Grows Up and Drives a Honda CRV

Honda has released its full Super Bowl CRV ad featuring Matthew Broderick as a grown up Ferris Bueller. The video is at 307 views right now. I'm guessing it will be over a million before the end of the day.

The trend of releasing your Super Bowl ad a week or so before the big game was one VW did last year with their child Darth Vader "The Force" ad (now at over 49 million views.)  By the time the Super Bowl kicked off, the online video had over 4 million YouTube views with no media driving to the commercial, everything was simply online buzz.

Like the Darth Vader ad, the Ferris Bueller ad appeals to the nostalgia of GenX consumers who are definitely the key buyers of CRVs (and VW Passats too.) So if you are going to go big with your nostalgic movie rights ad buy, the Super Bowl is the platform to do it at.

Also, look forward to next week's post where I'll be doing the Third Annual She Said, He Said Super Bowl Analysis with Melanie Walker Batenchuk over at the BeCarChic blog.



Cupras said...

I'm sorry, but I had to stop watching before a minute was up.
It made me cringe so much I was feeling bad for Matthew Broderick.
The tease, with him opening the curtains had so much potential... what is this? A new movie? An amazing ad? Something exciting? No, it's a CRV - ZZZzzzZZZzzz.

So disappointing. It's not like he drove a dull car in Ferris Beuller's Day Off - so why would he aspire to driving a CRV?

Christopher Baccus said...

I understand the disappointment.  Unfortunately, it's doubtful Ferrari would've ever bought a Super Bowl spot leveraging Ferris Bueller so no one was ever going to be happy with whatever vehicle bought the celebrity/film usage rights. 

Besides this is more about capturing the nostalgia the target market for the CRV has to interest their attention.  It's a solid use of generating buzz for an expensive Super Bowl ad buy. 

Cathy said...

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