Friday, January 27, 2012

Who Knew Headlights Could Be So Cool?

The Super Bowl is quickly approaching and we are starting to see the ads show up online.  One of the more entertaining examples is Audi's latest featuring the S7 and campfire party full of vampires. 

One of the more difficult tasks of a marketing team is finding creative ways to make keyless entry, moonroofs and headlights interesting as part of a larger marketing campaign.  Featuring something pretty much every car in your segment has is not the most compelling product advantage, but there it exists in the Creative Brief... HD Headlamps. 

Audi's creative team had some fun with a rather mundane feature. Cue the 80s Echo and the Bunnymen song and add a group of attractive college aged Twilight-esque party-goers then find your creative hook that brings it all to an entertaining, unexpected end.

Brilliant. Nice work Audi.


Graham Thrope said...

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Adam Moore said...

seems kind of corny at first... It was funny at the end. Good job Audi. 

Ex-Chief Alien said...

The spot was really cool except the kids can't afford the car. But I agree since I whine that commercials don't sell this one does showcase the really cool car. But it feels like 90210 meets Twilight.

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