Monday, April 9, 2012

Remember When Parking Lots Were Full of Wagons, Not SUVs? Neither Do I.

This classic ad from Volvo kind of reminds me of my home. Off I go to work in my convertible, while leaving my wife with the wagon.  Though she is no meek wallflower and definitely has no issue "mobilizing."

Yet it's interesting to see the ads of today that show wagons as vehicles of adventure and escape; though Volvo does not call the XC70 a wagon but rather the much overused term Crossover.

This ad showcasing the off-road prowess and speed is what it takes to make a wagon cool again than so be it. At least we are no longer talking about how many refrigerators full of groceries a Volvo wagon can carry.

You've come a long way baby.



Mark Smith said...

Wow, I really like the front lower facia and rims.Sweet looking ride.I can't wait to test drive it!
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Howie at Sky Pulse Media said...

How did you get Disqus plugged in on blogger?

Love this post BTW considering my fiancee and her mom both have volvo wagons

Car Stereo Installation said...

I have always liked station wagons, they make me nostalgic. Every time I see one images of a family going on camping trip comes up to mind. Those were the images I grew up with anyway.

Daphne said...

Me too. . well where's the next adventure? :)

what is career transition said...

reat description of the process and the ultimate outcome, Chris. We're so glad that your wife at least gave Ford a shot and that she was positively inclined afterward. It's funny how just one thing - however small - may end up swaying your decision. So glad you found a vehicle that works for the entire family.

ve led lights said...

It was a good time. Actually it isn't but it fun to think about it sometimes. Wagons. Haha.