Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Scion Gets Its First Halo Car

It is great watching the low-end sports car market heat up. To think one can buy a V6 Mustang, a Hyundai Genesis Coupe and now a Scion FR-S in the mid $20k range and get a lot of performance and fun plus great fuel economy.

FR-S is an acronym for Front-Engine (F) Rear-Wheel Drive (R) Sport (S). It also shares many of its components with the co-developed Subaru BRZ.

Agency ATTIK, the same agency that brought us the Scion iQ Babes 'N' Donuts [and milk] ad, developed the first spot launching the FR-S.  Its quick paced, high energy performance shots are a bit unexpected from the Scion brand, but this is a new era for them. "The rear-wheel drive sports car is the brand's halo car," states Jack Hollis, Vice President, Scion.

It isn't your typical halo car either.  With very few options available, one is left with few interior options a $26 ash tray or a $95 carpet trunk mat. Sorry no leather but you do get a leather steering wheel, power one-touch windows, and remote keyless entry. Also included standard are front, side and curtain airbags and iPod connectivity.

For the low-end consumer sports car market there is a lot of car here, unless you want some higher end options.  Perhaps some additional trim levels and engine options will make it even more desirable for those who love the look, but want more halo.

The ad does what it needs to do. It appeals to the TopGear oriented sports car fan who loves tight wheel shots, burnouts, and RPM gauge closeups. It becomes interesting when "Scion" flashes on screen as that is the most unexpected moment of the ad. If this were a Mustang or Camaro ad the impact would be minimal as it is expected. When it comes from the company with the xB, xD, iQ, and tS it becomes disruptive... in a good way.



Howie at Sky Pulse Media said...

Nice looking car. I have said before all car ads go out the window once people see the car on the street, see the driver and word of mouth hits. Iconic brands have no worries about this but the rest do.

But I will say the commercial is nice and shows it in action. I always hate when sporty car spots don't show the car hugging the curves!

Brent Nelson said...

amazing car this is !!! what a attractive look of this car . I will loveto ride with this car. this car has a good curves and has metal color look makes this car different.

Exorcist said...

what a awesome look of this wonderful car. it has a gr8 style and features.......

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