Covid-19 has taught us a new way of working.

If you are used to working in an office, adapting to the home office is a challenging change that requires a lot of discipline. The changes are not only personal, but you will also see them at home. The vast majority of companies chose to change the way they work to a home office to prevent contagion in the workplace.

Staying at home will allow you to save on many things that you are used to paying. Among them are gasoline, transportation, going to the movies, dinners and meals in restaurants, parking lots and many others. But also spending extra time at home will likely increase your utility bills. We share tips to save as much electricity, water and gas as possible depending on your type of home!

How to save light

With the isolation and implementation of the home office, it is inevitable to see an increase of up to 30% in your electricity bill. It is important to save in these difficult times; take advantage of the hours of natural light to work and use the necessary amount of artificial light at night. We recommend you change to led spotlights; it is an expensive investment, but in the long run, it reduces total consumption. On hot days, try to use natural air currents, open windows and doors, to avoid the use of fans and air conditioning. Disconnecting electronic devices while you are not using them also represents a significant saving, since they continue to consume energy even if they are not turned on.

Reduce gas usage

A solar panel is a great investment; it has the ability to reduce gas consumption by up to 80% per month. If you do not have a solar panel, take advantage of the hot season to bathe, you can lower the temperature of the boiler to use less hot water. High temperatures also help reduce tumble dryer use: heat and winds also dry clothes, hang them on the roof or in the windows. Being locked up reduces the number of meals outside the home and you can save by preparing your own food. Try to reduce the use of the oven, as it uses more gas. Another option is to plan your meals in advance and make them all in one day, this way you refrigerate them and you just have to heat them up. Also experiment with cold recipes like salads, soups, and cereals!

Save water this quarantine

One of the simplest ways to reduce water consumption is through the capture, either from the shower or the rain to water the plants, clean floors and even wash dishes. The washing machine is one of the appliances that use the most water, be sure to wash full loads. Buying and installing a water filter can represent a high initial expense, but in the long run, you save on buying jugs or bottles.

If this quarantine has made it very clear to us, it is that living in a place that suits your needs and where you feel comfortable is extremely important. Take one of our virtual tours and visit your next home without having to leave your house!