If buying a house is in your plans, you will be interested to know that there is a way to access preferential prices and at the same time obtain a capital gain: buy in a project in the pre-sale stage. At La Haus, we tell you how it works, what its benefits are and if it is an ideal option for you.

The pre-sale in a real estate project refers to the option of acquiring a home before it is finished or when its development has not yet begun so that you would have to wait a few years to inhabit it, but as we already mentioned, this wait has its advantage.

Six benefits of pre-buying

1. Lower prices

The prices of a project in its initial stage will always be the best, as the demand and interest in it grow, it is normal for it to present a staggering increase. In addition, now thanks to our launch platform (PLP) you can access exclusive prices that belong to the first list, that is, the lowest, which were previously only for small closed groups.

2. Longer payment time

When buying a new home, the down payment must be paid, which generally represents 20% or 30% of the total value. The pre-sale generates the opportunity to pay it in instalments in periods of time that can be years, in this way the payment facilities are greater and thus you do not recapitalize.

3. Better profitability

If you buy at a low price, in a project that increases its prices in a staggered way and with a longer payment term, it is clear that at the time of delivery you will already have profitability, so that if you choose to resell it, you will possibly add to your pockets some Profits.

4. First choice options

Interest in properties in the early stages allows you to have more options to choose from, according to the project: preferred floor, view, parking, among others.

5. Modern projects

Pre-sale projects often have modern materials, amenities, and services that older homes don’t.┬áIn addition, you will not have to worry about the maintenance and repairs that a used home might need.

6. Decoration

As with the payment, buying at the pre-sale stage gives you more time to plan how you want to decorate your new home and to buy furniture and appliances calmly and at your own pace.

The best option for you?

The pre-sale implies that you must wait before releasing it, so if you are not in a hurry or need it immediately or want to invest your money and gain appreciation, it is a good option.

If you decide on this option, it is important that you have security about the developer and the seller, so that they have the certifications and regulations that guarantee the purchase. At La Haus, we advise you free of charge on the purchase of your house and you can access pre-sale projects with exclusive prices.