When you decide to buy a house, the excitement can be too much to wait for you and more so when Covid-19 has changed our plans so much. The good news is that at La Haus, we have created a new protocol to keep you and our expert’s safe while you find your next home.

To ensure your safety without compromising the incredible experience of house hunting, we have 360 ​​virtual tours of many of the properties. With them, you will be able to see the spaces, navigate through them, and even discover each little corner as if you were there, without leaving home. But we know that once you fall in love with a place, you want to go see it in person.

We share the different safety and hygiene protocols that we will implement on your next physical visits to any of our properties.

1 When you go to your appointment, leave your jewelry at home and choose to wear your hair up.

2 We love to meet our clients and add them to the La Haus Family, but for now, we must maintain a healthy distance at all times and avoid physical contact. 3 You already know this insurance, but the mask is an accessory that seems to be here to stay. Bring one with you when you are getting to know the property!

4 As soon as you arrive, your La Haus real estate consultant will put antibacterial gel on your hands.

5 For your safety, you will enter the house by yourself. Your expert will be outside waiting to answer any questions you have. Take your time, and enjoy!

6 Once inside, avoid touching surfaces. We will leave doors open so you can explore every corner of your possible next home.

7 If you have any symptoms, we will miss you! But for everyone’s safety, it will be better to reschedule your visit. Here we wait for you when you get better.

8 Sometimes you want to take your whole family to see the property, but we beg you to avoid bringing children or adults who are at risk for their safety. We can receive a maximum of 2 people per tour.

9 If your next home is an apartment, you will travel alone in the elevator. Take these moments alone to think that the next time you’re in that elevator, maybe you’ll be getting home.

Did you see that knowing your next home during a pandemic is possible, but if you still don’t know what risk there is when investing in real estate during Covid-19? Here we leave you the answer.