How to sell more? How to generate more money? These are often the basic questions that businesses focus on in their quest to be successful; but what about people? Concern for users, to understand them, to understand what they need and to contribute in a positive way, is the only way to develop a truly successful product in the long term.

The reason to conclude this is very simple, there is no possibility of generating a relationship if you only think about selling! To be clearer, imagine that someone wants to conquer you, approaches for the first time and asks you for your name, phone, email and salary, you may be confused and do not understand why they are asking you for that information if you do not know them well enough. This is the case with a product that is not focused on the user, it generates distrust and fear.

A product must adapt to the human way of life and not vice versa, it must start with conversations, build on trust to build relationships and achieve connections. Getting to this point is not easy, it requires continuous work in which the user is at the center of everything. However, there are three basic points that we apply at La Haus that guide the way to a good destination.

Recipe for a memorable product

1. Use time well.

It is essential to constantly improve the product through continuous dialogue with users. As the YC experts say, “If you are not improving your product or talking to your users, you are wasting your time.”

2. Design for users.

What you like and seem clear to you may not be so to others, so the north is to be clear about who the product is for and put aside subjective thoughts.

3. Get people to trust you.

The product belongs to the users, so let them assemble and disassemble it, as many times as necessary, until it responds naturally to their requirements and a real connection is achieved, a memorable user experience. Don’t defend it, build.

A correct analogy for the relationship of a good product with the user is a dance: to be pleasant, the dancers must take complementary steps, engage and know how to move together; when this happens it is likely to want to repeat itself. In the same way it happens with a good product, it contributes to people and listens back to understand how to nurture and evolve.

At La Haus we are in a constant dance. We are clear that the road is long and the objectives are achieved with continuous work that what we are is what we transmit and that is why the team is full of talented and empathetic people; that we do not measure ourselves by numbers but by experiences generated; that we do not seek to sell at any cost because what we want is to adapt to the needs and go at the pace of the users, at your own pace!