Invest your time in a garden and receive the fruits, here we show you how to make a garden at home in just 5 steps.

Since the Coronavirus began in Mexico, we have been forced to get the good out of being at home and we have adopted new hobbies and activities. If you like to be in contact with nature, grow your own food and have delicious herbs on hand, you are going to love making your own urban garden at home. Follow these 5 steps!

1. Find the ideal place: You don’t have to have a huge garden or live in a house to be able to make your little garden; you can do it on your terrace, balcony and other space that you find. The ideal spot is one that receives natural light from direct sunlight for 3-6 hours a day (depending on what you harvest).

2. Choose your container or pot: There are endless options: planters, pots, grow boxes and even vertical gardens … choose the one you like the most, but make sure it has a hole for water drainage.

3. Prepare the soil and substrate: This is the key for you to have a good harvest. One trick is that the soil must be spongy to allow oxygen to enter and retain good moisture. In addition, fertilizing the land every 2-3 months is an excellent option to promote plant growth, you can buy it or do it yourself with a compost recycling organic matter.

4. Choose your seeds: We recommend you start growing something that grows all year round regardless of the season, and something that you consume a lot at home to save expenses and be able to save for your next home, such as: spinach, lettuce, carrot, parsley, coriander, mint or green chard. Time to sow: Once you have your tools ready, soil, substrate and your seeds, it is time to sow them.

  • A. Apply a layer of clay to the bottom of the container to ensure good drainage.
  • B. Fill the container with substrate and soil, make sure it is loose and without lumps; leave two fingers between the surface of the soil and the rim of the container.
  • C. Smooth the soil and plant your seeds.
  • D. Water generously until pockets of air disappear in the soil.

Now, all you have to do is wait and take care of your little plants. Make sure to water them, and see that they do not need anything and in a couple of weeks, you will be enjoying the fruits of your effort and dedication. It’s time to enjoy the quarantine! If you are still looking for the ideal apartment or house that has a perfect space to start your urban garden, we will help you find it!