The pandemic has allowed us to rediscover our home to see it much more than just a living space; it has become an office, gym and recreation area. In this way, there is little room for impractical and not very functional spaces.

Under this premise, several trends in residential projects have been strengthened, especially for those seeking an avant-garde lifestyle. At La Haus we tell you what they are.

Micro living

Small stock departments designed for comfort, so we can define this trend. It is not about living in a shoebox; Through design and decoration, these spaces provide an open, functional and unique environment, even many of these small apartments, such as those of the Icon Cybele’s project, have been elevated to the category of luxury, with high-design makeovers.

Those who choose to buy this type of property do so because they want to live in central places, well connected and as close as possible to their work spaces to move around by bicycle or public transport; or because they want to invest to use them as short-term rental properties.

In addition, this type of property is more affordable in areas of the city where prices are usually very high.

Smart Homes

Smart or automated homes. This trend is aimed at improving the quality of life in areas such as security, comfort, energy-saving and entertainment through technology.

It started out as a luxury born of convenience, but remotely controlling devices and appliances is a trend that increasingly permeates daily life within the home.

Healthy homes

Properties with health-focused features such as virus resistant surfaces and monitoring of indoor air quality, temperature and acoustics. Healthy homes are focused on ensuring the well-being of its inhabitants responding to the need that our homes should be our sanctuaries now.

Creative places

In addition to indoor spaces, we now prioritize outdoor living and areas for other activities without leaving the residential complex. Cowering, roof top and coffee station with some of the ones we value the most. Fewer meters of housing, more amenities.

These trends allow us to anticipate an increase in demand for smaller, community-based homes with innovative solutions.