This year you have the ideal conditions to know where to invest money in the context of real estate investments, say two experts from La Haus.

If you are exploring investment alternatives, even if you don’t have much experience, it is because you know that there is an opportunity to conserve and strengthen your assets.

With our investment and real estate market experts, we will explore the key points of the current investment environment to understand why they believe that 2021 is the best time for you to decide to invest in residential real estate.

  • How to invest in real estate and how to calculate it?

Those who know what to invest money in: the voice of experience

At the Haus, we are immersed in the real estate market, we know how to recognize a good moment in which to invest money, but we also believe in the possibilities of transforming the real estate sector. This implies recognizing the environment of mistrust that surrounds it and also the fears that, as investors, we may have about not making the right investment. This can take several nights of sleep away from you!

Clear, informed and expert advice makes your investments the right ones. That is, you are able to enhance your ability to invest with our experience and knowledge of the market.

That is why we share the knowledge of our real estate investment experts with you. Because we know what it is worth having privileged information, priority access and personalized advice to make correct, calm and profitable decisions when you want to invest money in?

On this occasion, we have Francisco CovarrubiasHead of investments at La Haus, and Sergio RojasCity Manager of Mexico City.

Our Head of Investments has been Partner & Country Manager at TC Latin America Partners. This is a private fund that focuses on real estate investment opportunities in Colombia, Peru and Mexico. To name just a few of your experiences.

He has extensive knowledge of real estate as financial instruments, he is an expert!

The investment issues are complemented by the recognition of the dynamics of the current market that only our City manager in Mexico knows in depth. In addition, Sergio Rojas Cello studied business engineering and holds a Master’s degree from the Haas School of Business (University of Berkeley-California). He was an investment analyst at JP Morgan in Mexico among other relevant experiences related to innovation and the real estate market revolution.

This is how a conversation is generated between two complementary experts motivated by questions from future investors like you.

A historical overview to know what to invest money in:

There was a great diversity of topics that we will deal with little by little, here we are going to focus on answering why there are the perfect conditions to invest?

Well, because it shows a panorama of stability compared to other investment alternatives in which economic and social variables have a greater influence. In times of volatility and uncertainty when wanting to know what to invest money in, real estate investments are the asset that has the greatest safeguard value for an investor profile with a low tolerance for risk.

This stability is manifested in 3 tangible facts:

1. The stability of land prices:

Which for the investor, preserves the value of the initial investment that tends to be valued since land is a scarce, finite good. For developers, the price of land normally represented 50% of the project bill, but we are seeing that prices are falling and represent between 25% and 30% of the total cost of real estate development.

2. The stability of the process:

The information in public records is of public (or governmental) and also private (or business) interest and for this reason they are kept at a good level of update and are generally consistent and reliable.

“This allows you to check before buying who is the owner of the property and whether or not there is a lien on it.”

  1. The stimuli for construction, given that it is a sector that generates employment and in times of global economic uncertainties, such as the current one, tends to be privileged by state policies. Both for developers and for buyers-investors. This is reflected in low interest rates and government programs that facilitate access.

The investment projects are constantly changing and investors like you want to make the best decisions to knowing what to invest money.

There is a lot of fabric to cut!

Also learn about the phases of a real estate project or about the qualitative and quantitative indicators to evaluate the market for a possible investment. In any case, exploring the investment projects that we have in our portfolio is also an important source of information for you, so that you know where to invest money.