Learn about the benefits of buying a new home either on plans or ready to go.

The wide real estate offer, the various financing options and the low interest rates have made more Mexicans bet every day to buy a new home.

Why should you buy a new home?

Currently, the real estate market in Mexico offers you a wide variety of new properties so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs and lifestyle. Here we leave you five of its main benefits.

1. Excellent finishes: You don’t have to worry about worn wallpaper, cracked tiles or scratched windows, new homes offer modern and high quality finishes. On the other hand, if you buy a used property, you will probably have to allocate money for certain adjustments.

2. You do not need repairs: One of the main advantages of buying a new home is that the pipes, gas networks and electrical systems are completely new, so you will not have to deal with repairs.

3. For all lifestyles: It doesn’t matter if you want to live alone, with your partner, friends or family, there is currently a wide range of new properties designed for all lifestyles. In this way you can choose a home with the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and parking spaces you need.

4. Support from the construction company: Currently, the construction companies offer guarantees for the properties of at least five years, so you can be sure that they will respond to you for any inconvenience you have with the property.

5. Good distribution: Although most apartments and new houses are a little smaller compared to older homes, one of their advantages is their good distribution.

The properties have custom designs to avoid wasting spaces, make them much more dynamic, strategic and facilitate cleaning tasks.

6. Easier to rent: In case you want to rent the property, it is important that you bear in mind that people are increasingly inclined towards homes with a few years of life and modern designs.

However, these are not the only reasons that exist. That’s why at La Haus we want to explain why you should consider buying a new home.

What you should consider when buying a new home

Modern design

In general, new properties have a good distribution, modern designs, quality finishes and, in the case of apartments in a residential complex, most offer multiple recreational areas to enjoy with the family.


If you buy a house on plans , as the project is being built, you will already earn a percentage of appreciation. In fact, with La Haus you have access to preferential prices , which guarantees greater profitability.

In addition, over the years the value of properties continues to increase and new homes tend to appreciate more compared to old ones.

Latest generation materials

Currently there is a greater variety of construction materials that facilitate processes and reduce times, also improving the quality of the properties.

They do not need remodeling

Although you may want to make some changes to your new home, these properties do not require any remodeling, thanks to the excellent finishes , good distribution and current designs.

Immediate delivery

The purchase of a new home does not have to be solely on plans. If you have the money from the down payment and you have an approved credit or the resources to buy, you can think of an apartment or house for immediate delivery .

Choosing this option, you will buy a project that is finished, you can see directly the home you are going to buy and move brand new on the date you agree with the developer.

Security and backup

Most of the developers offer guarantees of up to ten years on the property, for that it is necessary that you investigate well the trajectory of the company and its guarantees before buying.

Ease of leasing

In case you want to buy the property with the intention of generating extra income by renting it, you should keep in mind that new homes are much more attractive to tenants.

Other issues to consider:

– Design: A new house or apartment will offer you modern finishes and a good distribution of spaces. While a used home may require one or more adjustments.

– Amenities: If you decide to buy an apartment in a condominium, you can choose one that has amenities for family fun, such as a pool, roof garden, gym, among others.

– Security: New apartments usually have security, surveillance and / or porter systems, so you can count on greater security within the condominium.

– Payment term: If you buy a home in presale, you will have a longer term to pay it. In addition, the commercial value of the property will increase once the project is finished and this add to that each year the properties earn a high capital gain. During 2018 there was an increase in the commercial value of the properties in CDMX of approximately 12.9%.

– Ease of rent: If you want to buy a property with the intention of receiving an extra income, keep in mind that new houses and apartments are very desirable in Mexico when it comes to renting.

– Structural safety: The new properties are built under the new Mexican construction standards, which guarantees the quality of the materials and their resistance.

If you want to know the new properties available in Mexico City, enter here. Remember that our real estate specialists accompany you and advise you throughout your purchase process and the best thing is, it is totally free!

If you want to know more about the process, at La Haus we advise you free of charge , so you can buy a house at your own pace.