Without a doubt, 2021 was a year of challenges. The quarantine, isolation, work at home and all the measures caused by the pandemic generated a transformation in the needs and lifestyle of users, which affects all sectors of the economy. The real estate sector and preferences when buying a house were not immune to these changes. For this reason, at La Haus we present the trends in the search for own home and its evolution during the year that has just passed.

Property price

Projects with a value between $ 2,562,845 and $ 3,402,007 were the most sought after by users in 2021. Throughout that year the average remained stable with an average of $ 2,933,451.

Housing Type

With an average of 97.9% versus 2.1%, the search for apartments to buy outperformed the search for houses. During the first semester, users did not show interest in buying a house, but in July the trend marked a change that was maintained during the last months of the year: as the need for mobilization was reduced, the location took a back seat to prioritize spaces bigger.

Property status

New or used? According to their interaction, Mexicans prefer to buy a new home, with an average of 67.5% compared to 32.5% of those who searched for a used one. The payment facilities for new projects, the added value that they can generate, the confidence and increasing professionalism of the developers, and some pain that can arise when buying a used house or apartment are the main reasons to explain this inclination.

Ages of greatest interest

Millennial are the ones who showed the most interest in acquiring their own home through real estate portals, followed by users between the ages of 35 and 44. This is because digital platforms are part of their day to day as they seek to prioritize their time: fewer hours invested in search, specific options according to their needs and expert support to solve doubts at any time of the purchase process.

Search time

Search time trends

63% of La Haus users searched for and found the home according to their needs in less than three months and 32% in just one week, very different from the general time for buying a home in Latin America, which can take up to 14 months. The possibility of finding a greater offer in one place and having personalized advice from start to finish, together with the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence, makes processes more agile and reliable.

These trends allow us to foresee the requirements for 2021, where digitized young people, in search of options according to their income, will be the main protagonists.