Take advantage of the pandemic to make an investment in real estate, the investment with the least risk, where you will buy at the best price.

Since the pandemic, a lot has changed. We have learned to socialize in a new way, to shop without leaving home, to telecommute and, in general, to continue with our life and our plans, such as buying a house.

As Warren Buffett said: “Bad news is an investor’s best friend, because it allows them to buy a portion of the future with better conditions, either because prices have fallen or because interest rates become attractive.”

The economic times that we live in Mexico mark that it is time for buyers, when we talk about properties. What does this mean? It is said that it is a buyer’s market when there is a lot of supply and little demand, so whoever invests in the market can get real estate at a very good price. While it is true that in cities like CDMX the supply is low, the demand is even more so. In addition to this, there are cheap credits.

In recent weeks, some of the largest banks operating in Mexico lowered their mortgage loan rates, because according to their executives, the demand for loans has not dropped significantly and they see a recovery in the coming months.

Areas with shopping opportunities

It is not about investing in whatever and where. For this reason, we undertook the task of identifying the areas that during the pandemic have become a buyer’s market due to the decrease in their purchase levels and their available stock.

If you are looking for a property in the low and high residential segment, that is, between 2.3 and 4.6 million pesos, these are the municipalities of the CDMX that are within the buyer market due to a greater drop in real estate sales in the former two quarters of the year:

In the first place is Azcapotzalco, it has a great offer in the middle segment (1.3 to 2.8 million pesos) as well as in the low and high residential segment. In addition, it is one of the few municipalities that had been growing in 2019 before the situation of the pandemic

“These City Halls stand out for their catalog of new housing offerings. The big developers have chosen to build houses of different prices that have different terraces and common areas. They are municipalities that, in addition to having good access to public transport, have many attractions for residents in them such as: parks, art and culture options, canteens, cafes and restaurants. “Says Sergio Rojas, Country Manager of La Haus México.

3 reasons to buy a house even during a crisis

  1. Real estate is a respite for investors and a guarantee for those who buy as equity, because in addition to preserving its value, it can be profitable immediately, either by stopping paying rent, putting the property on temporary or vacation rental and thus have a steady flow as the recession passes.
  2. Regardless of any type of crisis, there will always be people who get married, divorced or pass away and properties change hands constantly. Remember, everyone needs a place to live, and it does not change.
  3. This purchase is part of creating your family assets in the future, even if it generates a short-term expense because you are going to pay monthly payments on a mortgage loan, at the end of a period you will have a home of your own and you will have used the credit as a complement for savings.

Investing in bricks is always long-term since a house does not appreciate from one day to the next, the risk is very low, since it is rare for a house to lose its value, and its disadvantage is that of the availability of liquidity.