If you have already decided that you are ready to fly out of the nest, congratulations! The best stage of all awaits you. Whether you have bought your first home (with La Haus, of course), or are renting, surely you are exploring the possibility of having roomies. We share with you the list of all the things that make an ideal housemate.

Think that he is the person with whom you are going to live every day, do accounts, share food … choose someone with whom to make a good team! The first step is to prepare yourself to live alone, find out here.

  1. He has a lifestyle similar to yours: If you are one of those who likes to spend a Friday watching movies and your roommate is a trap who invites people every weekend … eventually you are going to have problems.
  2. Has a steady income or secure job: The saying goes “Clear accounts, long friendships.” If you have trouble paying your household expenses every month, neither of you is going to feel comfortable.
  3. Pay your rent on time: This one needs no explanation. If you find a roommate who pays everything on time, who is honest and does not want to be crazy with some expenses … never let him go!
  4. He has his own friends and is independent: Think that you are already living with this person whenever you are at home, it will be normal that each one wants to have their space, their group of friends and others.
  5. She has the same cleaning habits as you: If you’re messy and don’t mind a few dishes piling up, that’s fine! But make sure that your roommate doesn’t drive him crazy, and vice versa.
  6. They respect boundaries and your privacy: Respect between roommates is EVERYTHING. Find someone with whom you can stay calm about leaving valuables within reach, who respects your things and the rules that you establish together in the common areas.
  7. They complement each other: For something, they say that opposites attract. If your idea of ​​cooking is to help yourself to a bowl of cereal, find a roommate who fights back in the kitchen. If your roommate is not ordered with payments, but you are, take responsibility for that.
  8. That they have similar tastes: This may seem like a bonus, but until the day your roommate insists on listening to music that you can’t stand, or they don’t like to watch the same series on TV that they share in the living room, or they want to put an armchair of a neon color … you will see that in La Haus we told you things as they are.

Remember that your roommate can be anyone! Your partner, a friend, a family member, or a complete stranger. The important thing is that it is the person who helps you transform this space into a home where coexistence is pleasant and harmonious. Are you still looking for your ideal home? Find it at La Haus and follow our 4 tips for buying a property in 2020.